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September 1, 2013
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Enter Bloodtail by Miss-Nessa Enter Bloodtail by Miss-Nessa
I wanted to draw something with the Crimson Society, I want to give my part to this group.
LOL Base on a fake true story of how did Nessa became the member of the Crimson Society and the nickname Bloodtail. Please note I might gotten inaccurate with everyone character's personally or something. And I hope you don't mind that I actually did it in a RP style story line. Anyway here is the fake true story:

While watching from a distance; the little arctic wolf girl, Nessa was very interested for seeing the five Council guys out to adventure and crazy co-op. She always wanted to be part of this group having to hang out with large gun that they use to shoot off robots and monster that try to get in their way. Violence doesn't bother Nessa, shoot and kill to her is rather fun for her. Despite her mind is fill with blood, gore, lots of sexually thoughts that she keep to herself. But no matter what’s in her mind she is willing to do anything to join with the Crimson Society

With some luck, she was able to find the Crimson Society hideout. However, having a large shadow following her wherever she go, pose the five council on high alert especially Drive Mustang.

*lazer pointing at Nessa*
Nessa: *calmly raise her hand up*
Hellrion: *disappear*
Brian: Hold it right there! State your name to the Crimson Society!
Nessa: I’m Nessa Bless!
*other members look down and see Nessa*
Scafe: Sargent Spider, should we trust her?
Brian: Hold on….Tell me what’s your business?
Nessa: Listen, don’t say that I’m some creepy stalker type of fur. But I have been watching you 5s out on some adventure. It interest me to know about how do I be a part of the Crimson Society.
Brian: MMM….
Nessa: If you think I have what it take to be in the Society, I have this for you *show a can of grape soda*
Brian: OwO OOO!
Terrence: Brian NO! It could be a trap.
Brian: How it can be? It just grape soda.
Terrence: It might be, but we need to see if we can trust her.
Nessa: *twitch her ears*
Brian: We’ll be back *craving for grape soda*
*All the member talk this privately*
Maxcutter: I don’t know you guys, she could be dangerous.
Eli: I have seen her many time with that black thing always following her.
Scafe: She seen nice, and that black thing too.
Terrence: But still…
Brian: *drooling* I want that grape soda
Terrence: -_-....anyway what can we do about her?
Maxcutter: I know that you guys already know Nessa, but she need to prove herself to us.
Scafe: Like how?
Terrence: Like have her shoot off those monster that are always out there.
Scafe: you mean those skags?
Terrence: Yes, those things.
Eli: You know those things are kinda annoying, especially when you shoot them.
Terrence: We have to test her right? Having her to shoot those Skags can show her skills to us. Have a better understanding what she can do with the society.
Brian: As much she want to be in the society, she can show her skills to us.
Scafe: Let tell her that.
*The five when to see Nessa, licking her bottle of ketchup*
Brian: Nessa!
Nessa: *look up* yes?
Brian: We have been thinking, that you can join.
Nessa: YES!
Brian: But in one condition, you have seen those monsters outside right?
Nessa: yeah…
Scafe: *throw a gun to Nessa*
Nessa: *caught it*
Brian: I want you, to use that gun to shoot off those Skag monsters. I’ll warn you this, they are a asshole to kill.
Eli: For a tip try to shoot them in the brain.
Nessa: Is that all?
Brian: I’m thinking is this, if killing the skag are too easy for you try to kill the big guy.
*the other was shock to hear Brian for saying that*
Nessa: big guy?
Brian: You might get to see him out there. For now kill the other guys.
Terrence: If you have the balls to do it.
Nessa: I’m not going to be some weak pussy, whatever it take to be a Crimson society.
Maxcutter: She very eager to be in the society.
Eli: She is…
Nessa: On last thing *throw a can of grape soda to Brian*
Brian: OwO love it!
Terrence: -_- Anyway….Nessa go out and kill the skags!
Nessa: Alright then.
*she walk out to the outside world*
Scafe: So now what, if she do it what would we call her?
Eli: Knowing her red tail, I’m thinking we can call her Bloodtail.
Scafe: Bloodtail? Sound like a good nickname for her.
Maxcutter: and it settle, Bloodtail the wolf girl it is.

And the rest, Nessa became the member of the Crimson Society. I wanted to add the part where Nessa was fighting the skags, but it might get this story much more longer. LOL and yes Borderlands 2 references that the only monster I could think of that these guys have play and fight off. Well I hope you like this picture and this long story too.
Brian aka Sargent Spider(c) ~TheSpiderManager
Scafe aka Not-So-Hell Spawn(c)~Hell-Scafe
Eli aka Drive Mustang(c)=Agent-Eli
Terrence aka Fut Juck(c)~Gamekrazd
Maxcutter aka The British Mummy(c)~Maxcutter
Nessa aka Bloodtail(c)=Miss-Nessa

art by me(c)=Miss-Nessa
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TheSpiderManager Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2013   Artist
now this looks fantastic owo
Miss-Nessa Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2013  Student General Artist
thank Brian, and for that you get Grape soda
BorderlandsTime Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2013
Amazing picture and story!!!
Miss-Nessa Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2013  Student General Artist
SerasVictoria14 Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2013  Student Artist
This a Great Maiximum story in world yeah nessa Great Job

Miss-Nessa Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2013  Student General Artist
Agent-Eli Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I do believe this will be the start of an awesome membership
Miss-Nessa Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2013  Student General Artist
it dose, wish I could make it longer
Gamekrazd Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Good, youve proven one other positive effect of a gaming member: Knowledge. The climate matches the typical place one would find a skag, in arid, desert-like wastelands. Other creatures, by the way, would be Bullymongs, Varkids, Threshers, Stalkers, and Crystalisks. These all make Skags look like harmless puppies, and this is even touched upon in the game itself for laughs.
Miss-Nessa Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2013  Student General Artist
Nessa: very well
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